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Thematic support – information and discussion group

Occupational therapist, Annie Ledoux, and physical therapy technologist, Liz Ferland, are inviting us to a group discussion on specific topics related to migraine. This thematic information and sharing, enriched by the professional expertise of the moderators, aims to provide tools to better manage migraine related issues and improve quality of life.

The meetings will begin with a thematic information session on topics such as mood and depression, managing energy levels, physical activity, chronification of migraine, optimizing the use of screens, etc. This will be followed by a group discussion, and through questions and structured exchanges, the facilitators will uncover the topic with the group and provide ideas on how to take charge of various issues.

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Meet the moderators

Liz Ferland

Liz Ferland is a Physical therapy technologist at a pain management clinic. She also holds a Master’s Degree in mental health, including a certificate in chronic pain management. She is interested in the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, and more specifically in applying non-pharmacological strategies that can improve the quality of life for people living with migraine. Her personal experience with migraine gives her a wider perspective and deeper insight into the condition.

Annie Ledoux

An occupational therapist since 2009, Annie places quality of life at the center of her interventions, as well as in her personal life. When chronic migraine became part of her life, she had to learn to deal with the disease in a different way. The support groups at Migraine Québec, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) were major turning points in helping her manage migraine. In order to promote the benefits of ACT, she became involved as a volunteer for Migraine Québec in 2016. She organized conferences, including one on ACT, and support groups, even in the park! She created and facilitated a group inspired by the principles of ACT therapy and participated in further development of the organization. At the same time, she contributed to a chapter for an educational book on ACT therapy, including a case history of a migrainer. After starting her family, Annie came back to Migraine Québec in 2022. She wishes to provide unique support to members in order to prevent the chronicization of their condition, to keep them participating in meaningful activities at work and to regain a quality of life despite migraine. Come and experience her enthusiasm and warmth!

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